Represents the most well-known international houses

  • WEGA: Best seller brand in Greece. One of the biggest internationally espresso coffee machine manufacturing companies in the world.
  • DALLA CORTE: The Company that invented and applied in manufacturing "the integrated independent boiler technology" revolutionizing the espresso coffee machine industry. Today Dalla Corte changes the coffee rituals again with "digital flow profiling" technology further optimizing the coffee extraction quality.  
  • BELOGIA: Coffee machines, coffee grinders, barista accessories, washing machines, ice makers, bar equipment, all Belogia products are designed for durability and best-value for money.
  • MAHLKOENIG: Coffee grinders of German quality and technology. A leading brand in world coffee grinders market.
  • DITTING: Swiss technology and precision in coffee grinding since 1928.
  • COFFEE QUEEN: Swedish made filter coffee machines of excellent design and technology that ensures the right extraction and preservation of coffee flavors and aromas.
  • 3TEMP: Innovative professional filter coffee machines incorporating digital flow profiling. Embeddedmanual brewing in a coffee machine.
  • BWT: Technology-intensive company, with a world-leading position in the water filter market.
  • GAGGIA: A pioneering company in production of home espresso coffee machines. Italian technology and design with 80 years of tradition.   
  • SCHAERER: Leading provider of fully automatic, integrated coffee and milk solutions. Breaking new grounds since 1892.
  • URNEX: Specialized company in exclusive production of coffee equipment cleaners since 1936 based in New York, with leading presence all over the world.
  •  YAMA GLASS: One of the leading companies in producing manual coffee brewing utensils worldwide, specializing in high heat resistant, blow borosilicate glass since 1978.
  • CREMA PRO: Hard wearing and practical barista accessories for every need of a modern professional and home barista.
  • PERFECT MOOSE: Developed and manufactured in Belgium by the innovative AHA Innovations company in order to facilitate the work of barista on peak times. It saves baristas’ time giving them at the same time, enormous possibilities to create various recipes using diary and veggie milk.

Own label
Eurogat, utilizing market knowledge and product know how, has created in 2010, its own label products BELOGIA with innovative design in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These products are manufactured by well-known international manufacturers such as Compak, Crem International. Brema, e.t.c.

Technical support department
The competitive advantage that enhances the Company's leading position in the market is its emphasis on quality of services and technical support.
The Company has a well-organized network of technical support staffed by highly qualified engineers and technicians, with engineering background, trained by the manufacturers of the products in order to respond effectively to the demands of its customers.

Sales Department
Company's well organized sales department, is a well build team of highly educated, trained and experienced sales people which offers high level of services to our customers and partners, giving them a strong competitive advantage. With customer-centric philosophy and excellent market knowledge, sales team offers solutions and options which help Company's network to promote a wide list of solutions to their customers and differentiate them from competition. Above all, Eurogat's sales people are constantly in touch with their customers, with consistent co-operation conditions, visiting them regularly and systematically in order to inform and advise them on new technologies and trends as well as to listen to their needs. A powerful weapon at sales people hands to the benefit of their customers is a contemporary information system that achieves their immediate service and constantly informs the company with valuable feedback that improves products and services provided, by adapting them to market changing needs.

Main customers' categories

  • Horeca equipment wholesalers
  • Coffee importers and coffee sellers
  • Coffee roasters
  • Coffee shop and restaurant chains
  • Electric store chains
  • Hotels & resorts

Sales support services
In order to efficiently serve its customers, the Company has developed a dynamic sales support team that every day contacts and supports Company's customers by providing solutions and answers to emerging maters thus contributing in building long term trustworthy relationships with customers.

Education and training
Based on its people specialization along with its orientation to build a network of trained partners, the Company has introduced various training schemes such as sales and technical training for its customers. Additionally, our passion for specialty coffee led to organizing workshops on the effect of mechanical equipment on the quality of coffee in the cup, held by recognized personalities of the international coffee industry.
The Company's specially designed a multipurpose room, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, is dedicated to host events that promote the quality of coffee in the cup. This specially-designed room is available and absolutely suitable for hosting seminars, events, trainings sessions, baristas' practice prior competitions etc.