Our people

The company operates in the Greek and Cypriot markets as well as in southeastern Europe. Its headquarters is located in Thessaloniki and it is also present with branch offices in Athens and Crete hence it can successfully cover all Greek territory.

The development and consolidation of the company is based on its human resources that ensure the implementation of its mission and strategy.

 All company’s departments are staffed with specialized, experienced and highly educated employees with everyday task to enhance good communication and cooperation towards satisfaction of companies’ customers.

The Company constantly evaluates its employees with regard to their integrity, commitment to customer satisfaction, creativity, passion, involvement in building mutual trust, encouragement of team working and their commitment to constant development.

As employer the Company recognizes and rewards the effort and the efficient contribution of its employees and provides a fair and equitable working environment without discrimination.

It believes in the skills and capabilities of its people and invests in their personal and professional development through education and training schemes.