Quality Policy

Company’s quality policy aims at offering innovative, quality products and services at the best possible customers’ service in order to meet all their needs and to maximise their satisfaction.

In particular, sub- objectives of the company's quality policy regarding terms of selling and servicing coffee machines and bar equipment are:

  • To seek constant improvement and to provide product and services that satisfy customers’ requirements.
  • To follow specific procedures and high standards in everyday operations in order to ensure timely and effective customer service.
  • To provide directly and effectively, modern and holistic solutions as well as reliable technical support so as to create value for its customers.
  • To keep track of developments in its industry so as to effectively update its customers and provide them continuously with upgraded products and services.
  • To regularly list complaints and remarks related to Company’s operations and services and make improvements required.
  • To pursue and maintain close contact with customers in order to ensure constant and early knowledge of their needs.
  • To market products in accordance with specified requirements and criteria set by the Company and complying with standards, regulations, relevant legal and regulatory requirements, suitable and safe for their intended use.
  • To update, train and motivate its employees to actively participate in the implementation of best practices in order to continuously improve quality of services provided to customers as well as their personal performance.
  • To provide and allocate required human, material and financial resources towards the implementation of quality management systems.
  • To use high quality, environmentally friendly materials in technical repair procedures.
  • To focus on construction instructions and specifications during product maintenance and repair.


In order to achieve these objectives, it has installed and applies a Unified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 certified by the accredited and accredited certification body QMSCERT