Coffee Queen Café Elite IV

    Coffee Queen

  • Fast and flexible instant coffee and other hot beverages machine
  • Automatic water filling
  • 5 liter water tank
  • 2 mixing systems
  • 4 ingredient canisters
  • Decanter option for coffee
  • Overflowing protection for drip tray
  • Cup illumination
  • Illuminated display with adjustable light ideal for branding
  • Optional profiling of front display
  • Separate hot water outlet
  • 8 drinks option: café late, cappuccino, chocolate, espresso choco, coffee, milk, tea

CanistersDimensionsVoltage / WattCanister capacity in kg ingredientsMax. production capacity/hourMax. Production per fillingWeight
4: 1 Coffee,1 topping, 1 Chocolate,1 espresso310x515x735mm230V/2200WCoffee: 0,9kg Milk: 1,15kg Chocolate: 2,0kg Espresso: 0,7kg150-200 cups280 cups Coffee, 280 cups espresso, 140 cups Topping, 96 Chocolate26kg