Perfect Moose - Greg (hot milk frother)

    Perfect Moose

  • Smart, automated milk frother
  • Saves busy baristas’ time from milk frothing and ensures a stable quality frothed milk even in places with no trained personnel
  • Ideal to serve high demand for coffee based milk beverages or for smaller points that are differentiated by constant quality beverages served
  • Frothing recipes for diary, almond, coconut soya milk, chocolate saved at RFID tag under each milk jug. A dedicated jug to each kind of milk
  • RFID recipe reader
  • Operation and programing via touch screen
  • Connects to the steam pipe of espresso machine
  • Creates perfect milk foam by using espresso machine’s steam
  • Comes with 3 x 500ml Perfect Moose pitchers with RFID: 1 x white pitcher for dairy, 1x black pitcher for choco, 1 x green pitcher for veggie, plus steam installation kit
  • Minimum requirements espresso machine: automatic dosometric espresso machine with separate steam boiler producing a constant pressure between 1.3 and 1.4 bar and minimum power of 2400W

DimensionsVoltage / WattCapacity gr/minWeight
120x350x620mm230V/40W250ml milk in 20sec12,7kg