Since its inception in 1991, Eurogat acts with social responsibility and respects its shareholders.

Having as a basic principle the sharing of the philosophy of coffee art making and its growth as well as recognizing its role as a leading Company in its field, throughout the years Eurogat contributes constantly and with sensitivity to enhancement of this philosophy. Therefore it supports actions and initiatives which are in consistency with its values and objectives and strives to show and promote knowledge related to improvement of coffee industry.

Key actions:

  • Sponsorships of both National Coffee Championships of SCA Greece and World Coffee Championships organized by WCE.

Eurogat is the initiator of organizing SCA coffee championships in Greece, and it is essentially supporting them with sponsorship and passion since the first year they were held. It had been the exclusive sponsor of SCA Greece for ten consecutive years from 2001 to 2011, offering, amongst others, all the necessary equipment to ensure the smooth running of the championships. It is the only company of the industry to foreseen the dynamics of SCA in Greece in times it could not predict by somebody else in the Greek coffee market.

From 2011 the Company continues to sponsor SCA Greece along with other companies in the industry who have recently expressed interest in the institution.

At the same time, since 2012, it has sponsored international SCA championships organized by WCE declaring internationally its commitment to SCA values.

  • Exclusive product sponsor at seminars and events such as workshops, coffee shows, coffee festivals (All About Cafe, Coffee Show, etc).
  • Exclusive equipment sponsor in schools and academies specializing in barista & bartenders training.
  • Supporter at the Hellenic Barmen Association Championships (HBA).
  • Sponsoring of individual baristas for their preparation and participation in national and international championships.