Following the trends of the international market we visited once again the top international exhibition Host. At Host 2019 in Milan our international partners impressed visitors both with their new products that set the trends for catering equipment and the special and welcoming environment of their booths that attracted a large number of visitors. Their new innovative products will be with us soon. Περισσότερα


SCA GREECE 2019-2020 Sponsorships

We sponsor SCA GREECE championships and activities as an exclusive sponsor like we do for many years since they were established. We are exclusive sponsors of coffee equipment offering innovative equipment and the best possible support to the contestants in order to perform their presentations under the best possible condition at the national championships held by SCA GREECE in the 4th Athens Coffee Festival at Technopolis of Athens. Περισσότερα


Athens Barista Camp 2019 Sponsorships

We actively and constantly support development and promotion of the barista profession in the national and international environment. At this year's SCA Barista Camp, which will take place in Anavyssos, Attica, we cover its basic needs, as they are within our competencies and expertise as well as because it matches our values. Περισσότερα


Hosting Judges Sensory Training 2019

SCA GREECE entrusted the specially designed and well-equipped room in our Athens facilities for the 1st Judges Sensory Training 2019 held 6th and 7th of September 2019. Eurogat offers freely its hospitality by offering its facilities for educational purposes to SAC, the company’s partners and clients as well as to baristas and bartenders who want to practice for their participation in competitions and championships. Περισσότερα